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The Environment

Why does SAAW have a section dedicated to the environment?

The answer is simple, because nature and the environment is the habitat of the animals. Due to man made pollution and development the Earth is facing an environmental crisis which is causing a massive reduction in biodiversity and the extinction of of many species. This human caused mass extinction is called the holocene extinction event and it is estimated that currently 140,000 species go extinct every single year!

Additionally, animal agriculture is causing massive environmental damage and is the second largest contributor of greenhouse gasses. Factory farming is also the number one cause of deforestation as trees are cut down so that cereal crops can be grown to feed the 55 billion animals that are raised and slaughtered every year on the planet. Factory farming also produces a lot of animal waste such as urine and feces, this is dumped untreated in to the water ways and is known cause of dead zones.


The following articles have been written by SAAW researchers and staff. Please click on the link to read the full article:


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