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Humane Education

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, giving them the right tools and education to live a positive and productive life is of vital importance. Children are shaped by their environment and are greatly influenced by what they are taught and what they observe from the role models in their life.

Human education is teaching children to respect and care for animals and their habitats. It's root lies in compassion and kindness and teaching the youth that animals are sentient and do have feelings and emotions and that these emotions and needs should be considered and appreciated.

Therefore the first step in humanely educating children is to be a good role model of a compassionate and caring being. Children are very truthful and notice hypocrisy immediately; telling children to be kind to animals whilst eating a chicken burger will be noticed.

However apart from being a good example, there are numerous activities, books and other teaching methodologies that can be utilized to educate children to respect all life.

There are two very good website that provide support and materials for those wanting to incorporate humane education in the lives of children.


Be sure to visit there resource center for lesson plans, stories and much more.



This is another great website which has lots of free materials to run a humane classroom or simply to teach your children at home. Be sure to check out there free on-line lesson plans covering many topics from animals in entertainment to nutrition.

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