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Go veggie!

The first and most effective thing you can do to help animals and ensure their welfare is to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. Every single year 55 billion land animals are kept in horrific conditions and are tortured then eventually slaughtered in order to provide humans with food. To find out more please visit our section on factory farming and select the animal you want to know more about.

Not only will it help the animals but it will also help the planet. According to the "Livestock's Long Shadow report" which was compiled by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the raising of animals by the meat industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, planes, trains, buses and boats. A staggering 18% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions is from livestock raising, this includes all the forests that need to be cleared in order to grow grain that will be fed to animals that we will eat.

To read the full UN FAO report please click here or visit our environmental section.

A video entitled "Meat is Not Green" also provides information of the devastating effect of the meat industry on the environment.

The Vegetarian Society of the UK has produced a video called "Devour the Earth" which is narrated by Sir Paul McCartney. Watch it here.

How to go veg?

Now a days there are plenty of delicious and nutritious vegetarian foods available at supermarkets and restaurants. The first step: Take the veg pledge!! By doing so you will also have access to numerous resources that will help you enjoy your vegetarian experience.

If you need some more delicious recipes you can ask Vegan Dad! Find out more reasons to go veg at

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