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Awareness campaigns

SAAW has a number of awareness campaigns running at the moment. Take a look and see how you can help. You can also try becoming a SAAW volunteer.


1) Vegetarians are Good for the Environment.

For this campaign SAAW teamed up with Meat the and distributed a slideshow detailing the environmental damage caused by the livestock raising and the meat industry. Thousands of E-mails were sent to politicians, student clubs at Universities and the media. This campaign took place over 3 months and targeted Taiwan, US and Canada.

You can download the slide show for free by clicking --> Vegetarians are good for the environment

You can share this with friends, family or you can run a campaign and send to local media, politicians or other organizations that you think should know about this. Please contact us if you have trouble downloading the file.


 2) Taiwan is Green

SAAW has printed and distributed more than 5,000 "Taiwan is green" leaflets. The leaflet outlines the environmental situation in Taiwan with regards to greenhouse gas emissions (ghg) and climate change. Furthermore it presents the most effective solution for the planet's problems.

In concise language the Taiwan is Green leaflet informs the public of the ecological benefits of adopting a plant based or vegetarian diet not only in terms of ghg emissions but also in terms of water scarcity and food shortages.

To download the Chinese version click here.


For the English version of Taiwan is Green click here.

An International version of the "Be Green" leaflet is now available. The information has been changed to make it applicable to any country or region.

For the international version of the Be Green leaflet, please click here.  

The leaflet is free to copy and distribute. If you want you can adapt the leaflet to include information more relevant to your country.


3) Meat What You Eat DVD

SAAW has produced a DVD which details the inhumane conditions on factory farms. The DVD entitled Meat What You Eat has been distributed for free around the world. The Taiwan version of the DVD was produced in collaboration with the local and well established animal welfare group EAST. The DVD shows the cruelty suffered by animals on factory farms. The EAST footage provides a glimpse in to pig markets and farms in Taiwan and the horrible conditions as well as the inhumane methods of slaughter. The DVD is in Chinese and has multi-language subtitles. So far 12,000 copies have been distributed to the Taiwanese public by our volunteers!


We have also produced an international version of "Meat What You Eat" which has English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean audio languages plus numerous subtitle languages. So far we have distributed thousands of DVDs in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Columbia, Costa Rica and we're getting ready to launch in Vietnam and Canada. If you would like to to distribute the DVD in your country please contact us and we will provide you with the DVD and tips on how to run your own campaign.





4) Vegetarianism in World Religions

For our most recent campaign we collaborated with our partners to produce the World Religions booklet. The goal of this campaign was to highlight that vegetarianism is talked about and encouraged in the Holy books of the World's Religions.

To empasize this point, a booklet was produced that quoted the verses and sections from all the main World Religions that mention kindness towards animals and abstaining from eating meat. The final section of the booklet is about the environmental destruction that is caused by animal agriculture.

For this unique campaign thousands of booklets were printed out and sent to Temples, Synagogues, Churches and Mosques in the UK, Taiwan, Australia and the US.

To get your free booklet click on --> Vegetarianism in World Religions





If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us.


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