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The Society for the Advancement of Animal Wellbeing was founded in order to protect the environment and improve the lives of animals around the world.

 Through education programs and various campaigns we hope to bring about awareness on environmental and animal issues as well as to find pragmatic solutions and thereby speak up and protect those who can not do so for themselves.

 We believe one of the best ways to ensure the protection of Earth's ecosystems and wellbeing of farmed animals is the advocacy of a plant based diet. We also believe that animals should have the freedom to live their lives as nature intended and that animals and nature do not belong to humans but we are merely custodians and should therefore seek to conserve the biosphere for all wildlife and humanity.


 On going campaigns include the free distribution of the DVD "Meat What You Eat" which was produced in collaboration with the local and well established animal welfare groups. The Asian version of the DVD shows the cruelty suffered by animals on factory farms. The footage given to us provides a glimpse in to pig markets and farms in Asia and the horrible conditions as well as the inhumane methods of slaughter. The video also covers the environmental damage caused by intensive farming practices. The DVD is in Chinese and has multi-language subtitles. So far 12,000 copies have been distributed to the public by our volunteers!


We have also produced an international version of "Meat What You Eat" which has English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean audio languages plus numerous subtitle languages. If you would like to to distribute the DVD in your country please contact us and we will provide you with the DVD and tips on how to run your own campaign.


We have a lot more going on, for more information please visit the How You Can Help page!




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